The Wanaque Foreshadower – Don Ecsedy March 2, 2013

The reference to the Wanaque photo having been shot in Pennsylvania in 1961, can be found at Greyfalcon Chapter4

The story of the other four Wanaque photos (as published in How It Was At Wanaque, Flying Saucers UFO Report No. 2, Dell Publications, 1967, pp. 58-59) can be found in Flying Saucer Review V. 18 No. 4, Beauty Of The Night, Berthold E. Schwarz, M.D. Dr Schwarz tells the story of the Archibald Ufographs, related by his informant “B.C.”

These pictures [the other four images] represent what I saw near Archibald, Pennsylvania, in 1958…An unknown amateur photographer from a local town took the pictures…B.C’s photos were submitted to the ufographer August C. Roberts…Roberts recognized B.C’s four ufographs as being previously published. The photos were “erroneously associated with the UFO flap over the Wanaque Reservoir” [referring to the Steiger and Roberts book above] in 1966, and the four such pictures were published elsewhere in 1967 [the Dell publication, above]. At that later time they were linked to the then recent Wanaque sightings…the complete fifth picture, hitherto unpublished, is from the files of August C. Roberts.

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FSR 1972 V 18 N 4


Wanaque and Salem

Here’s the famous Wanaque photo:

Yesterday, I was watching an old UFO video, The Flying Saucer Mystery, from 1952, when an image caught my attention. So, I went hunting for it, found some material in Blue Book and some news stories:

Salem Mass UFOs 1952

Here’s a 300% zoom of the Salem, Massachusetts UFOs


According to The Flying Saucer Mystery film, there was another photo related to the Salem photo, and we are treated to a wiggly blob of light taken by…wait for it…Augie Roberts, and there he is!


SCREENSHOTS from The Flying Saucer Mystery



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