The Bloecher Effect

– by Don Ecsedy, March 5, 2013

Ted Bloecher discovered the Roswell news stories in the mid-1960s and included an account in his excellent Report on the UFO Wave of 1947. However, his section on Roswell displays his unfamiliarity with the story. He confuses the chronology, but the Effect itself is the splitting off of the last sentence of the press release from what preceded it, turning the ‘press conference’ in Ft Worth into a consequence of the news media’s reaction to the press release. I’ll repeat it: the disc was flown to higher headquarters in reaction to the news media’s reaction to the press release.

The last line of the press release: “and subsequently loaned [likely a transcription error for "flown"] by Major Marcel to higher headquarters.”

Although Bloecher made this error, he would not be the last to do so. We can excuse Ted; he didn’t have the resources or the time to do much more than scan the few news stories he had found. Ted didn’t suffer from the Bloecher Effect, just a lack of information. What is intriguing, though, is how the Effect is manifested in the work of later investigators and researchers: Moore, Berlitz, Friedman, Pflock, AFOSI.

The last line is the only moment of the press release that we have hard evidence for: the Ft Worth press conference. We have the pictures. It is indisputable. ‘Ft Worth’ has an ontological weight that the rest of the press release does not. I think this makes it easy to divide the substance, calf off Ft Worth and make it an effect of a cause, and then to give it a reason: “to get the press off our backs”.

And if you allow yourself to accept it, then you are a victim of the Bloecher Effect.

It appears I’ve been ‘Bloeched’ in the Roswell workout. In dividing the story into five phases to establish a true chronology, I made Ft Worth the last phase, which it isn’t. Chronlogically, the Brazel interview is the last Phase, rather than the penultimate one. I’ll have to go back and rework it. It is important because both Ft Worth and the Brazel interview share language and concepts. The reporters interviewing Brazel in the Roswell Daily Record office would have gotten the Ft Worth story off the newspaper’s AP teletype. There is no other reason for the focus of the interview to have been on a weather balloon and its kite